Minolta Europa   Dimâge Scan Elite

Promises High Productivity and High-Quality Image
with Digital ICE™ Technology


Minolta is pleased to announce the addition of the dual-film format Dimâge Scan Elite to its film-scanner lineup. The Dimâge Scan Elite completes Minolta's film scanner quartet; the Dimâge Scan Dual, Dimâge Scan Speed, Dimâge Scan Multi, and Dimâge Scan Elite designed to meet the diverse demands of today's consumers.

Minolta's Dimâge Scan Elite features Digital ICE™ technology (which removes surface defects such as dust and scratches), and 2,820 dpi scans with 12-bit A/D conversion. The high-resolution scans, combined with Multi Sample Scanning and Color Matching system, deliver superior quality images.

High productivity is assured with fast scanning speed and newly developed, user-friendly driver software with excellent GUI. For simple and painless image correction and scanning, the driver software includes multitude of versatile functions such as Navigation, Snap Shot, etc.

The synthesis of high quality images, productivity, and Advanced Photo System film compatibility makes the Dimâge Scan Elite an ideal scanner for a variety of personal and professional uses, including those in the photographic, design, and medical fields.

Go to EISA Site EISA is the largest editorial multimedia organisation in Europe, with a membership of 40 Audio, Video and Photo magazines drawn from 20 European countries. This year, the Dimage Scan Elite was given an award by EISA.


Main Features

High-Quality Images

Digital ICE™ Technology Cleans Images
It requires time-consuming work to manually remove dirt on the film such as scratches, finger prints, dust, mold, and tape marks. In addition to the information through R/G/B channels, the Dimâge Scan Elite recognizes the information of most surface defects and automatically removes them by using the Applied Science Fiction's Digital ICETM (Image Correction Enhancement) technology. The result is shorter retouching time and incredibly clean images.

2,820 dpi Resolution Scans
With an input resolution capability of 2,820 dpi - crisp, detailed images are guaranteed. Full frame images scanned from 35mm film have over 10 million pixels! That is more than enough resolution for a quality A4 size 300 dpi print.

12-bit AD-Conversion and 3.6 Wide Dynamic Range
The Dimâge Scan Elite's superior 12-bit RGB AD conversion and remarkable 3.6 dynamic range can handle deep shadows, bright highlights, and billions of colors. With the fine tonal gradation of up to 4,096 shades for each color channel (68.7 billion colors for R/G/B channels), scanned images retain the refined quality of the original as well as maintaining faithful color rendition.

16-bit Output Capability
As a further step towards ensuring outstanding scanning results, the Dimâge Scan Elite's driver software enables 16-bit output as well as conventional 8-bit output. With it, a prescan image with gamma correction applied can maintain stunning 16-bit output color fidelity in the final print. 16-bit output is available with the Utility. It is also available with the TWAIN or Photoshop Plug-in.

Multi Sample Scanning
Even experienced professionals struggle to reduce the random noise of scanned images. The Dimâge Scan Elite saves users from such tedious work with Multi Sample Scanning, which reduces the noise to bare minimum through fast, multiple sampling of the scanned images. As a result, stunning image quality is assured. Users can select the number of samples from the 2, 4, 8, 16, and 0(off).

Color Matching System
When working on one image data with multiple monitors, occasionally in different environment, it is important to retain same color reproduction. The Dimâge Scan Elite's Color Matching offers sRGB, Apple RGB, SMPTEC-C, PAL/SECAM, and other color space settings so images on one monitor can show the same colors on another monitor. In addition, using the monitor's ICC profile makes it possible to match the colors of preview images and final scan images on the monitor.

High Productivity

High-speed Scanning
Scanning speed is an important factor of productivity and the Dimâge Scan Elite boasts scanning speeds as fast as Minolta's current high-speed scanners. With full-resolution, full-frame 35mm color positives, average scan time is 30 s for Macintosh, and 35 s for Windows. Combine this scanning speed with the high-speed SCSI-II interface and scanning work will be even more productive.

User-friendly Driver Software
The Dimâge Scan Elite's newly developed driver software combines versatility with simplicity. This driver software is available for both Macintosh and PC/AT compatible systems. It is delivered as a stand-alone application. It can also be used as an Adobe Photoshop plug-in or a TWAIN driver. A multitude of popular graphics applications have been tested using both. The driver software features the following user-friendly functions:

Navigation Function
Scanning multiple images has never been easier with Navigation function; a system to automate the scanning procedure. For 35mm film scanning, select a frame, check the box of a desired operation, and start Navigation. Navigation function will activate a scanning flow, opening a window that takes the users step-by-step through the setting process. Scanning the Advanced Photo System films will be drastically simplified as procedures for the entire roll of film can be automated from index scan through rewind, with minimum manual operation for selecting frames.

Snap Shot
One of the critical jobs in image correction is to decide the best image to scan while corrections are applied to the preview image. But the latest correction may not be always the best one. Snap Shot enables the users to temporarily save various corrections for each preview image and compare them quickly with a scroll.

Image Correction Job
Image Correction Job saves the correction settings of an image, so the users can apply them to another preview image. This will make retouch and comparison process much easier.

AE Area Lock
For versatile exposure compensation, the AE Area Lock adjusts the exposure based on a selected area.

Auto Crop
With Auto Crop function, holder frame and slide mount frame can be automatically removed from the preview images.

Hue/Saturation/Lightness Correction
For added versatility, HSL system enables image correction by Hue, Saturation, and Lightness in addition to ordinary R/G/B color balance adjustment.

Job Function
Determining scan settings can be confusing and time-consuming. Using the Job function eliminates the need for complicated calculations. Simply select the desired output category and page size, then the scan settings are finished! The Dimâge Scan Elite's Job function has about 150 easy-to-understand scan settings. From Webpage to color laser printer output types and from postcard to full A4 output size, scan settings are quickly and easily determined for optimum performance. The driver software does all the figuring. It's even possible to make custom settings that can be saved onto the hard drive, then recalled as needed.

Excellent GUI
All these sophisticated functions are arranged by tabs and windows, to which function are tasked efficiently. For ease of use, tone-curve and histogram compensation, generally in separate windows, are integrated in the same window. Also arranged in one window is color balance, brightness, and contrast corrections. Variation window simplifies the corrections into a visual display, allowing the users to check the image instantly.

Dual-Format Capability

The Dimâge Scan Elite offers versatility with its ability to scan both 35mm sleeved and mounted, positive and negative films in color and black & white. With an optional adapter, the Elite is also compatible with the new Advanced Photo System film. As an added advantage, index scans and continuous scanning of the entire Advanced Photo System film cassette can be performed with a single mouse click.

Bundled Software

Finally, provided with the Minolta Dimâge Scan Elite is Adobe Photoshop LE. The sophisticated, professional-level image editing software is bundled with the driver software for both Macintosh and IBM PC/AT compatible systems.


Full specification of Minolta Dimâge Scan Elite