NEJE   Master 2

NEJE Master 2 is a engraving and cutting machine for area (170x170mm), with its main structure being formed by unique special composite materials and CNC process precision assembly, which enables the machine with durability without deformation, ensuring long-term service life and high accuracy.

NEJE Master 2 is equipped with 2 processors and can support 2 firmwares at the same time. When starting the software, the machine will automatically recognize the software and connect to it. In NEJE mode, NEJE Windows software works with NEJE ANdorid APP. This mode is suitable for beginners, which is simple and can help create high-quality works.

In NEJE mode, with built-in sensor protection function, if the position changes when the machine is working, the machine will stop working to protect it from damage.

Another processor is Atmel, which supports BENBOX firmware and GRBL 1.1f firmware. Both these two modes are suitable for professional players to handle Gcode.

NEJE Module is equipped with temperature sensing. Each NEJE laser has undergone long-term aging test to ensure that the heat dissipation is controlled within 70 degrees Celsius. Laser modules without temperature sensing function cannot ensure that the laser can work for a long time because it is impossible to detect the quality for the mode in which the temperature cannot be measured.


Working area 150 x 150 mm [170 x 170 mm in GRBL Mode]
Image Size 2266 * 2266 pixels [0.075 mm point distance]
Laser Wavelength 450nm
Laser Power 3.5 / 7 / 20 W
Laser Optical Power 0.6 / 2.5 / 5.5 W
Built-in sensor protection Yes
Control Model NEJE, NEJE Wireless, Benbox, LaserGRBL, OFF-Line
Support System Windows / MacOS / Android / iOS
Product size (L x W x H) 38.00 x 28.00 x 13.00 cm