GlobalSat  BT-338
Bluetooth GPS Receiver

BT-338 contains a built-in SiRFIII Low Power Chipset for high sensitivity. It communicates with Host Platform (PDA, Laptop, and etc.) via Bluetooth Serial Port Profile. It also contains a replaceable battery with a large capacity (1700mAh), which enables BT-338 to run up to 17 hours. A slide battery lid makes it easy for battery removal. With the petite and sophisticated design, it would definitely be your best choice!



Chipset: SiRF Star III
Frequency: L1, 1575.42 MHz
C/A code: 1.023 MHz chip rate
Channels: 20 channel all-in-view tracking
Antenna Type: Built-in Ceramic patch antenna
Position: 10 meters, 2D RMS
Velocity: 0.1 m/s
Time: 1 us synchronized to GPS time
Default: WGS-84 Acquisition Time (Open sky, stationary)
Reacquisition: 0.1 sec., average
Hot start: 1 sec., average
Warm start: 38 sec., average
Cold start: 42 sec., average
Altitude: 18,000 meters (60,000 feet) max.
Velocity: 515 meters/second (1000 knots) max.
Acceleration: Less than 4g
Jerk: 20 m/sec3
Voltage: Rechargeable and removable battery with 5V DC input charging circuit
Operation Time: Default 17 hours after fully recharged, in continuous mode; Programmable >20 hours, in trickle power mode
Connection: Communication with host platform via Bluetooth Serial Port Profile
Protocol messages: NMEA-0183 output protocol
Output format: GGA(1sec), GSA(5sec), GSV(5sec), RMC(1sec),VTG(1sec)
Operating temperature: -15 ° to 60 ° C
Humidity: 5% to 95% Non-condensing
Dimension: 72.5mm x 40.4mm x 23mm