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St.Gotthard Pass

The Suworow Monument - the unique Russian territory which can be visited without visa

1798 Switzerland is becoming battleground of the European powers and armies. England, Russia, Austria, Turkey, Naples, Portugal form a new Coalition against France.

The Russian General Korsakow in Southern Germany was to replace the Austrians. The Russian General Suworow, successful in Italy, was to march from the South, cross Gotthard and unite with Korsakow's army in Switzerland. But Korsakow has to withdraw to Southern Germany.

For the advance Suworow needed 1400 mules. Five days late all he got was 650 and he now had to use less suited Cossack horses. The whole march was accompanied by bad weather. Arriving in Altdorf, Suworow was confronted with the fact, that in Fluelen no ships were available. Suworow decided now to lead his army by Kinzig pass to Muothatal and from there to Zuerich. In Muothatal he was to acknowledge that Korsakow was beaten. In order to getting his troops safely back home, he decided to cross Pragelpass to Glarus. Another pass, Panixer to Ilanz, had to be crossed. In the end Suworow was able to get about half of his original troops to Austria into safety.