Canon  Close-up Lens

Canon is recognized around the world for its innovations and advancements in the field of optical technology. Nothing is more of a testament to this than these lenses. Enter the world of Canon lenses and discover the virtually unlimited photographic possibilities.This double-element close-up lens is designed for EF lenses.

The numbers 250 and 500 refer to the maximum possible focusing distance in milimeters from the front of the close-up lens to subject when the prime lens is set at infinity.


Type Size, mm Recommended
focal length, mm
(DxL), mm
Weight, gr.
250D 52 50-135 54x10.2 55
58 60x12 80
500D 52 70-300 54x9.8 40
58 60x10.5 60
72 75x12.7 120
77 80x13.5 145
500 52 70-300 54x5.7 16
58 60x6.8 24
72 75x7.3 43
77 80x8.3 44