NEJE   Laser 20W



Main applications cutting, drawing etc.
Interface specification 4pin PH2.0 (red: 12V, black: GND, yellow: PWM, green: temperature signal)
Wavelength 450nm
Radiator size 30*30*80mm
Material copper + aluminum
Weight 202g
Drive position built-in
Is the power adjustable PWM can be adjusted
Drive protection surge protection, overvoltage protection
Input power approx. 12V2A ≈ 20W (without fan power)
Output optical power 5.5W
Line length 300mm
Control line installation method pluggable
Fan size 30*10mm
Fan speed 15000 rpm
Controllable temperature less than 60 degrees Celsius
Focus range 30-50mm
Best focal length 40mm from the light exit