Garmin   WT-2041B

Telecommunication server
floor-standing cabinet 19" 42U

The telecom floor-standing cabinet has a 2mm thick steel casing and 1.5mm accessories. Body colors - gray RAL7035, powder painting technology.

  1. Vertical and horizontal rails - horizontal rails are needed to mount vertical rails, on which 19 "equipment is subsequently mounted, which is an international standard. Vertical guides are marked in the form of numbers (in units) for more convenient and correct fastening of equipment and SCS components. It also shows how much more equipment we have the opportunity to place.
  2. Side removable panels are available in both floor-standing and wall-mounted server cabinets. Fitted into seats and secured with plastic clips. They also have holes closed with plugs, so that, if necessary, to avoid unauthorized access, you can dismantle the plug, optionally purchase locks with a key and install it on the seat.
  3. Front door with a lock and keys - the lock protects against unauthorized access of undesirable persons to the telecommunication cabinet, and the door itself can be either glass (tempered tinted glass for visual inspection of equipment operation inside the server cabinet), or solid metal or perforated,
  4. The back door with a key and a lock - depending on the depth of the cabinet, it can be a deaf metal, or metal - perforation, therefore, with a depth of up to 800 mm, a metal-deaf door is included in the package. With a depth of more than 800mm, the rear door is metal-perforated. This is due to the fact that more powerful servers require more intense air circulation, and a larger volume of air that enters through the holes in the perforated door.
  5. Screw-in support feet - for securing the server enclosure securely to the surface.
  6. Set of screw washer (gasket) nut - for fastening the active and passive equipment of the server cabinet.
  7. Cable entries are located both at the top and bottom of the cabinet, they are required to enter the cable into the server cabinet. To avoid dust getting into the space of the telecommunications cabinet, you can purchase a brush bushing.