Manfrotto  190MF3
Magnesium, Carbon Fiber, 3 Leg Sections

This tripod represents the top of the Manfrotto lightweight tripod range, providing professional photographers a tripod that is very light, compact, simple to use, yet high quality, strong and extremely versatile to position. To reduce the weight of the tripod without any compromises on stability and rigidity, the legs are made of unique, three-faceted carbon fiber tubes of 1.2 mm thickness combined with quick-action, magnesium and resin lever locks. The top spider uses the patented design of the 190PRO tripod, which is able to achieve four angle leg settings and convert the center column to a lateral arm. The center column used in this tripod comes from the latest generation of aluminum and resin, which allows you to leave the head mounted on the center column when switching between low angle and normal shooting positions. All parts are assembled using a proven pressure clamping technology that eliminates failure-prone glue joints for greater durability and in-the-field serviceability. To make transportation easier, the tripod is supplied with a padded carrying strap that can also operate like a hook in order to hang weights from to increase the stability of the tripod during shoots in extreme wind conditions. Ideal support for all advanced and SLR analog/digital camera equipment and spotting scopes.


leg sections use three-faceted tubing for greater anti-torsional resistance
flip lever leg locks make opening, positioning and closing fast and easy. The tension of the locking mechanism is user-adjustable, and all parts can be easily serviced or replaced
split center column allows easy and fast ground-level work
solid tripod/head plate has an industry standard 3/8" screw and three angled grub screws which stop the head from unscrewing accidentally in use and also block unwanted panoramic rotation or play between tripod and head
the built-in, carefully hand-set bubble spirit level helps make sure your horizons really are horizontal
anti-rotation tubing and leg collars make for a tripod (or monopod) that's easier and faster to open, position and close. Manfrotto uses several different types of anti-rotation system - on Magfiber and Digi series tripods, the elliptical or three-faceted shape of the concentric tubes means they cannot rotate, while on round-tubed tripods small protrusions down the length of the tube keep sections perfectly aligned
  materials, design and construction techniques have been carefully selected to help save weight without sacrificing stability or strength
  Manfrotto's carbon fiber tubing is popular among outdoor photographers because it's light in weight, but not everyone knows it's also more rigid and supports heavier loads than aluminum - giving it a double advantage
  lightweight magnesium is used for die-cast parts. Magnesium has a density of 1.74g/cm3 as opposed to aluminum's 2.70g/cm3 - a 35% reduction. Despite its lower weight, magnesium is more rigid than aluminum, and has the same strength per volume
  each of the legs can be set to a different angle of spread for more flexible, versatile positioning and to help keep camera equipment well-balanced over the tripod's center of gravity
  MagFiber tripods have three pre-set independent leg angles for positioning flexibility and good reach of all intermediate heights between the stated minimum and maximum levels The improved spring-loaded, easy to use step mechanism offers greater stability and security than the CarbonOne push-button system it replaces
  included carrying handle makes the tripod more comfortable to transport and stays conveniently and unobtrusively attached during use

Technical Specifications

closed length 56.0 cm
minimum height 11.0 cm
maximum height 142.0 cm
maximum height (with center column down) 114.5 cm
weight 1.60 kg
load capacity 4.00 kg
color black
material carbon fiber tubing + magnesium castings
leg cross section three-faceted
column cross section three-faceted
leg sections 3
bubble spirit level (no) 1
leg angles 25°, 43°, 73°, 90°
center column rapid
section center column 2
column tube diameter 25 mm
attachment 3/8'' screw
legs tube diameter 24,8 , 20,4 , 16 mm
suggested dolly 127, 127VS