Matin  M-7100 Lens Rain Cover

Matin M-7105 (L) Lens Rain Cover 400mm
Matin M-7104 (M) Lens Rain Cover 300mm
Matin M-7103 (S) Lens Rain Cover 180mm

Features and Benefits

This rain cover made of waterproof nylon protects your camera from rain, dust and all other adverse weathers. The cover can be pulled over the camera in just a few steps. That way you can brave every heavy rains as well as a tropical monsoon.

The rain cover can be closed around the lens opening with a drawstring and can be secured with a hook-and-loop fastener. The cover is open at the underside so that the camera is easily reachable and the lens can be adjusted manually.

On the back is an opening through which you can see the viewfinder. Alternatively the rain cover offers enough room for the photographer to fit under it. (see photo)

Compatibility: The rain cover is compatible with all types of cameras and lenses with a length up to 180-400mm.