Promax System

The ProMax System is the latest refinement of our most popular photo flash accessories. The basic unit allows 80% of the light to bounce off the ceiling while 20% is redirected forward as fill light. The system includes interchangeable white, gold and silver inserts as well as a removable frosted diffusion screen. The ProMax System will give you the ability to adapt to a variety of shooting situations. The Promax System comes in a convenient kit, attaches in seconds with hook and loop tabs and folds flat for storage in a sturdy pouch.

The 80-20 allows for ceiling bounce with 20% fill. White insert provides a neutral bounce surface when no ceiling is available. Gold insert warms the light for late afternoon fill. Silver insert adds a more specular look to the highlights while maintaining shadow softness.

  With Inserts: Frosted Diffusion Screen
With Inserts:
White: 1-1/3 stops 2-1/3 stops
Silver Metallic: 2/3 stop 1-2/3 stops
Gold Metallic: 1 stop 2 stops