ZIGVIEW   Angle Finder

ZIGVIEW - the world's first Digital Angle Finder makes low and high level photography easy with its unique rotating LCD monitor.

ZIGVIEW simply attaches to the eyepiece of your SLR camera where the viewfinder image is captured by a CMOS sensor built into the Zigview and relayed in real time to a 1.9 inch/TFT colour display for easy viewing at any angle.

The Zigview is particularly useful for low angle photography where you would struggle to see through the viewfinder especially with Macro work, or high angle situations such as press work where it is impossible to see the subject when taking pictures over crowds etc. Zigview makes it easy to see the subject in both these situations and many more, without any difficulty.

ZIGVIEW will work with most digital and film SLR cameras and is supplied with an eyepiece adapter for common Nikon, Fuji and Canon cameras. Other adapters for Konica Minolta and Pentax are available as accessories.